Frequently Asked Questions

What is SpartanUI and why is it called that?
SpartanUI is a replacement user interface for Blizzard Entertainment's "World of Warcraft." It's called SpartanUI in honor of the guild to which Ansu (the author) is member to, Spartans of Dalaran.

What platforms does it run on?
All mods are platform independent. That means, as long as you can run WoW on your computer, SpartanUI will run too.

What happened to v1?
Shortly after releasing SUI v1.1, it became apparent to me the huge number of shortcomings in the way it was built that prevented it from becoming universally adopted. It had to be rewritten, and redesigned from scratch. That not being the only issue, I also completed my degree in Digital Media. Life has a way of cutting into projects (like this) that are done in my spare time.

What about the fan updates?
While nice of fans to do so, SUI v1 fan updates aren't official or sponsored. In general, I want to discourage anyone from using a fan update while a current release of SpartanUI is available. Also, any bugs/issues you might have with a fan update I will be unable to help you with.

Why don't you give release dates?
There are many reasons, but perhaps foremost being you don't want to disappoint people. It's common to hear of upstart authors declaring "I'm going to make such-n-such that will do X, Y, and Z!" but in the end it never gets released. It's just a better practice to release/announce a new product when it's ready (where haven't you heard that one before).

I sent an email to you at one point but I never got a response. :(
Sorry. I do try to make time to respond to emails, but I can't always do so. One remark though, the majority of emails that I received concerning SUI v1 bugs have been ignored after v2 was announced. While I'd love to answer them, the more time I can spend on development of v2, the sooner the older bugs won't matter.

I found a bug, how do I report it?
If you've found a bug, feel free to post the information you have on it in the forums under Bug Reports.

Could you add feature X to SpartanUI?
SpartanUI has many features planned past its first release, but feel free to send a suggestion using the following form here.

Why is SpartanUI the way it is?
SUI is a UI of consequence. In order to remove the clutter above, everything goes below. Because the minimap is at the bottom, the UI is split vertically and consequently friendlies are on the left and enemies on the right. Because the minimap fills the middle, the action bars are mirrored to either side of it. Health/Power/Casting/XP/Rep bars all grow and shrink from the center. So on and so forth.