Server Back Online

After a series of unfortunate events, the server is back online and the website online. In preparation for the impending updates to the site code/design/back-end, the forums and blog have both been taken down.

Hurray for backups!

SpartanUI Updated

Current Version 2.6 At some point, you may have realized that within the myriad of mod, bag, button and raid windows... your viewing space is a little hole somewhere in the middle. And while there are other interface mods out there that will reduce your interface to nothing but a pinhole, you can’t help but wish there was an interface that just fit WoW in the first place. One that looked like it was made for the game from the get-go. Here is your answer. :)

Built from scratch, SpartanUI is built to free your screen; it is the new look for the World of Warcraft. Created by Atriace, it is an original design, developed with painstaking effort.

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Please consider supporting the continued development of SpartanUI with a donation by PayPal. Developing this AddOn takes a lot of time and care, but unfortunately it isn't paid for. Your donations will help SpartanUI to become one of the best-made User Interfaces, as well as keep this site online.